Kim Kardashian Emojis Are Here & Her Booty is Front & Center

Kim Kardashian Emojis


Kim Kardashian is on her way to ruling the planet, if she isn’t already.

In a quest to get even more attention with her clothes on (kind of), the queen of reality debuted her new set of emojis, which comes complete with a crying Kim face, a waist-shaping corset, and her big vivacious butt. For $1.99, you can use Kardashian emojis instead of writing out real words to get your point across. Ah, technology.

Here’s a taste of what you’re gonna get when you download Kimoji:

Kimoji Kim K Emojis

WTF is that thing covered in questionable white liquid? A peach? A pumpkin? Do we even want to know? And why is she dancing on a stripper pole? Did we miss something? Was that in the original video that made her famous? We couldn’t get a good look with all that night vision.

Either way, if this means anything for 2016, it’s that the Kardashians are definitely not going away – ever.

Look out for the new line of emojis releasing in the iOS app store today.


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