Danielle Trotta: Hottest Photos Of The Fox Sports Reporter On The Internet

Danielle Trotta hot photos

Originally from Westchester, N.Y., Fox Sport’s NASCAR RACE HUB reporter Danielle Trotta may just be one of the hottest sportscaster’s of all time! Why? Well, other than just being incredibly nice to look at, this cute little blonde comes equip with a gigantic personality and loads of energetic NASCAR race lovin’ enthusiasm!

Sure, NASCAR might not be for everyone, but Danielle Trotta doesn’t necessarily look like your average NASCAR girl either and it’s pretty obvious that she loves every minute of it! Beginning her broadcast journalism career as news editor for WBTV, Danielle quickly worked her way to the top becoming a weekend sports anchor within her first year on the job. We’ve got a feeling that Danielle would make it pretty tough to say no; it’s that whole cute and small but fiercely mighty thing that she’s got going on!

As far as Fox News goes, Danielle Trotta snagged herself a reporter position back in 2010, and has yet to look back! It only took one year before she was co-hosting NASCAR RACE HUB, and she doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

So, now that you’ve got the specifics, go ahead and indulge in the hotness bit of the equation. You can check out Fox News Sports reporter Danielle Trotta in her hottest and sexiest Instagram photos via the gallery below!

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