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FIRST LOOK: Ted Cruz’s Comedy Sketch He’s Sneaking Onto SNL [VIDEO]


Ted Cruz Christmas Commercial SNL Parody Video

Saturday Night Live is getting infiltrated by Ted Cruz in some Iowa markets tonight — as the Presidential candidate buys himself air time with his own Christmas parody commercial.

This video probably won’t fool anyone, though. “Cruz Christmas Classics” is too clever to have come out of the SNL bullpen. Also, it goes after some hard targets that Lorne Michaels would never allow the SNL writers to even bring up during a coffee break. Cruz sure manages to match the SNL production budget, though. The idea was probably pitched as a video Christmas card to the campaign’s supporters — which, you know, just happens to slip into a popular comedy show.


It’s not like the SNL staff can complain, anyway. They handed over a big chunk of the SNL season opener to Hillary Clinton in an attempt to make her likable. Cruz is just buying his way into some equal time. Take a look for yourself and decide if it’s the cause of good comedy…

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