Let’s Talk About The New Star Wars Movie [SPOILERS]

Spoiler Alert




I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens last night, so like anyone who’s seen it I want to discuss my reactions to the movie. The only difference between us is that I have a website to do it on. But please, leave your comments and thoughts below–especially if you disagree with me.

Overall, I thought the movie was great. Not excellent, but great (excellent is better than great btw). My biggest fear was that I would leave the theatre feeling disappointed, which didn’t happen. Instead, I left with a lot of questions. So let’s get to it:

• How is it that Kylo Ren’s mastery of the Force switches from incredible to kind of pathetic? In the very first scene, Kylo demonstrates a Force power we’ve never seen before: stopping a blaster bolt in mid-air. That was bada**. But then later after he kills Han Solo, I’m supposed to believe that Kylo doesn’t notice an 8-foot tall Wookie aiming a bowcaster at him?

I can understand that he was a little distracted because he, you know, just killed his father but it just doesn’t add up. How is it that he doesn’t kill Finn immediately during the lightsaber fight? Finn lost to a freaking stormtrooper in a lightsaber fight, and even though he eventually loses to Kylo, their battle in the forest should have been over before it even began.

Possible answers: Kylo’s training wasn’t complete and it’s clear that his lightsaber skills need work. Luke was a great teacher and even more powerful Jedi, so he was able to teach Kylo and the other Jedi Academy trainees some Force powers (that blaster freeze) no one had displayed before.

• There’s no chance that Supreme Leader Stoke is that big in real life, right? That was only a projection and I’ve got a feeling it’s like a Wizard of Oz type deal.

• You’d think that anyone designing any sort of Death Star would intentionally leave out any troughs or canyons, especially ones that lead into important structural components. Guess not.

• Not really a question, but the connection between The New Republic and The First Order needed to be explained a hell of a lot better. How the f*ck are they able to construct a weapon the size of the Star Killer Base without anyone knowing, especially if they’re “rebuilding?”

• Incredibly, the scene that was leaked a couple of months ago was from the big plot moment: when Kylo kills Han. I wish I could find the YouTube video I’m talking about but Disney probably threw the entire family of the person whose account that was into prison, so the clip has disappeared. Just take my word for it.

The scene in question just involved explosions and storm troopers flying into the air, but I can just imagine the fear that JJ Abrams had at that moment. If a quick scene just after a big plot reveal got leaked, what’s to say the big moment wouldn’t get leaked?

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