Holly Sonders: 22 Hottest Photos of The Fox Sports Golf Sportscaster

It’s pretty tough to find someone who doesn’t know who Holly Sonders is. Not only is this woman an incredibly talented golfer and a well-known Golf Channel TV host, but she also may quite possibly be the hottest golfer babe in all of history! But just in case you are un-ware; Holly Sonders is by far one of the hottest sportscasters to ever hit TV screens!

Originally from Ohio, Holly Sonders was a golf star long before she made her big debut as a host on the Golf Channel. A four-year starting point guard at her home-town high school, the gorgeous and talented sportscaster went on to attend Michigan State University where she earned herself a spot in the academic All-Big 10 during her sophomore year, and went on to snag herself the team’s most improved player award as a junior. Surprisingly enough, the Golf Channel actually turned her down when she applied straight out of college. But that didn’t stop her! She went right out and snagged herself some experience, went back for another shot, and landed herself a job with the Golf Channel in 2011. Holly eventually went on to hop on board with Fox Sports in 2014, and the rest is simply history in the making!
In January 2019, it was revealed that Sonders was dating former Texas Tech and current Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury.
Gorgeous, talented, and quite possibly the hottest chick to ever grasp a club; Holly Sonders is easily one of the hottest sportscasters around!
Don’t believe us? See for yourself by checking out Holly Sonders hottest photos on the internet in the gallery below.








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