WATCH: Rita Ora Goes ‘Whoopsie’ For Love Advent Calendar [VIDEO]

Rita Ora Love Advent Video

Rita Ora is the latest beauty to get us closer to Christmas with Love magazine’s traditionally hot Love Advent Calendar—which is a daily countdown featuring some of the world’s hottest models. It’s been a pretty stellar lineup this year, too. Emily Ratajkowski showed up as LOVE’s Day 8 girl, and Christina Milian brought back hot memories of Hip-Hop Of Christmas Past.

We’ve also been gifted with Kendall Jenner’s sexy shower scene, Gigi Hadid in lacy lingerie, and Pamela Anderson showing off some (pretty much) naked Christmas cooking. Rita is joining some illustrious company — even though her reputation in the UK needs some repairing. We can prove that we’re longtime fans, though….


Anyway, Rita uses her turn with Love to show off her fine vocal pipes with a rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock.” Back in the UK, she’s had a rough year being treated like a pop tart whose mostly showing off shocking outfits while being a judge on the UK version of The X Factor.

As you can see here, though, Rita’s also willing to show off her own fine femme factor as a vocalist. We’re certainly won over. Frankly, we’ve been kind of sick of “Jingle Bell Rock,” but this is our favorite rendition yet…

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