WATCH: Michigan State Christmas Lights Display As Local Legend Ends [VIDEO]

Michigan State Christmas Lights Display Brown Video

Michigan State is in the playoffs, which means the annual Brown Family Christmas Light Show is going out to the tune of the “Spartan Fight Song.” It’s the final Brown Family Christmas Light Show, too.

If you don’t live in Michigan, then you probably won’t shed a tear over that. The Brown Family Light Show is a Michigan tradition, though. The holiday-happy Browns have spent years bringing in locals who admire the family’s annual Christmas display.

Sadly, things are going dark at 1093 Cranbrook Lane in Mason, Michigan. Mr. Brown made this announcement on the family’s website earlier this year…

After months of debating back-n-forth, it has been decided that the 2015 show will be the last show for the Brown Christmas Light Show. We will be building a new house in the Mason area, but decided that the light show will not be moving with us. With the time that it takes for planning of a new home, it was decided that I just don’t have the time to plan a new house and continue with the light show. I know this will be a big letdown for lots of families in the area who have made this an annual tradition to visit, and for that we are sorry.

There’s a class act. Oh, well. At least Michigan State is enjoying the spotlight as the Brown Family Christmas Light Show comes to an end. We hate to take sides, but maybe the Spartans will try to win one for the Browns when they take on Alabama at the Cotton Bowl on December 31st…

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