Kristen Dunst Doesn’t Know Saint West, Becomes American’s Heroine [VIDEO]

Kirsten Dunst Saint West Tonight Show Video

Kristen Dunst has been celebrated here long before Fargo made her cool again — but people love her even more after last night’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She even stole the spotlight from Will Smith.

Kristen and Will joined in turning The Tonight Show into Hollywood Game Night by playing the game of Catch Phrase, which is kind of a variation of an old game show called The $10,000 Pyramid.

Anyway, Kristen would get some cool points just for quickly figuring out “A Can of Whoop-Ass,” but the former Spider-Man damsel-in-distress really stepped up when she was asked to give clues for “Saint West.”

Her reaction is the most believable moment that we’ve ever seen from an actress trying to prove she’s actually intelligent. Kristen might just be throwing shade, but that doesn’t seem likely. We’ve met her a few times. She probably could’ve come up with something really clever to say — if she didn’t have better things to do…

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