This Dude is Charging $100 Lessons For WHAT?!

We wish we were as smart as this dude.

Some guy from Washington D.C. is making bank for being a really good business man. Marijuana was recently made legal in our grand nation’s capital – praise ‘Murica! – and some guy is banking on it.

Going only by Ryan – apparently he asked not to have his last name withheld for employment reasons – has officially opened up the D.C. School of Mary Jane, where he charges a bunch of government squares $100 in exchange for lessons on smoking weed.

WTF?! If this is a legitimate way to make some side cash, sign me up!

According to Ryan, his goal is to clarify misinformation on weed, which he blames on “decades upon decades of misinformation and stigma tied to marijuana.”

Such as the ongoing rumor that smoking weed impairs your sex life. Wrong.

For a single Benjamin, Ryan – or a fellow instructor – will show up at your house with a pipe and a presentation that will explain how to consume weed. He will also share dealer recommendations, as well as risks and benefits from smoking marijuana.

Participants are allowed to bring three friends looking to get an enlightened education.

And on that note, we’re moving to D.C. to make it big.

[H/T: Borderstan]

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