The Last McDonald’s Burger in Iceland Has a Live Stream & Very Lively Instagram Account

We have some bad news – this McDonald’s burger is more cultured than you are.

When Iceland shut down its final McDonald’s in 2009, fans of the grease-filled artificial meat cried their fat little hearts out. But at least they have something to remember the golden arches by. Not only can you check in on the last remaining Icelandic McDonald’s meal via live stream (um… whatever you’re into?), but you can also follow its extensive travel itinerary on Instagram.

If you’re even slightly normal, you’re probably thinking something similar to what we are – WTF?! – but to Hjorter Smarason, the man who purchased the final meal, it’s the least he could do… kind of.

After opening the meal three years after purchase and noticing zero changes, Smarason donated it to the national museum. Because, art.

After one whole year in storage, the Bus Hostel Reykjavik decided to webcam the meal in all its glory, aiming to satisfy diehard fans who are still going through withdrawal.

Wow, that’s really exciting. Like, really exciting.

Now the hostel is taking it a step further – workers are taking the meal on day trips and documenting them on Instagram.

Wow. If only were could’ve been as lucky to be born a meaty burger made from questionable ingredients. This is what the good life looks like.


[H/T: Metro]

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