Dude Arrested For Owning 70 Magic Mushrooms Plants Took The Mugshot Of The Year

This guy is totally freaking out, man. I mean, what do you expect when your being arrested for possession of psychedelics? Regardless, this guy gives being “lit” a new definition.

According to Huffington Post,  41-year-old David Kalb of Pennsylvania was arrested Monday night after state troopers found 70 psychedelic mushroom plants, weed and other drug-related devices in his public housing apartment in Greensburg.


As amazing as the mugshot is, the story behind it might be even better. The arrestings officers responded to a disturbance call, and upon arrival, they found Kalb (who wasn’t quite tripping balls yet) outside of his neighbor’s door. He had locked himself out and his neighbor had his spare key.¬†After leading Kalb through the neighbor’s apartment, the police escorted him to his own, and that’s where he must have really starting geeking out because he INVITED THE POLICE OFFICERS IN TO HELP LOOK FOR HIS KEYS. Ya know, those same keys he literally just found.

The cops obliged, and that’s when they found the mushroom plants, marijuana and “10 mason jars containing active ingredients to manufacture psychedelic mushrooms” that were reportedly “in plain view.”

Kalb was booked on charges of manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance as well as possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. But, on the bright side, he took what is arguably the greatest mugshot of all time.

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