Brad Bartelt Photos: Arkansas State Shooter Pictures

Brad Kenneth Bartelt, 47, has been identified as theĀ armed man who was arrested on Arkansas State University‘s campus today after a standoff with police. No shots were fired but it was confirmed that Brad was armed and had pointed his gun at a propane tank, right outside the student union. The school was put on lockdown.

Brad has been charged with aggravated assault, according to the Craigshead County inmate roster.

Witnesses report the incident began when Brad drove across a barrier onto campus and parked is pickup truck outside the student union. It’s believed that he covered his truck with a Gadsen flag, the yellow logo with a snake that reads, “Don’t Tread on Me.”

The warning signs were there–as early as yesterday, Brad posted a note to Facebook that he is both homicidal and suicidal.

Brad Bartelt was involved in an accident at Arkansas State University back in 2012 when he was dragged by a tractor trailer that was being driven by an ASU student. Brad was also a former ASU-Newport student.

No motive is known at this time, although the above Facebook post spells out pretty clearly the kinds of things running through Brad’s head.

The photo below was taken at the time of Brad’s arrest. Yes, those are pajama pants.

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