Justin Bieber is Fangirling Over This Instagram Babe, Asks Fans to Find Her

Justin Bieber asked for some help from his fans yesterday after he found a super hot girl online but had no clue who she was.

Last night he posted this to his Instagram account:

Justin Bieber Instagram
If that’s not the classiest way to find love, I don’t know what is.

According to numerous posters, the girl in the photo – who bears a striking resemblance to Russian model Irina Shayk – is Cindy Kimberly. Based on her Instagram alone, there’s virtually no legitimate clues as to who the f*ck she is or what she does with her life. But what we can gather is that she’s a pretty awesome artist and is incredibly beautiful.

Cindy Kimberly Instagram

Cindy Kimberly Justin Bieber
Needless to say, Bieber’s diehard fans are already freaking out and making numerous fake social media accounts in her name.

Where’s the real girl? DOES ANYBODY KNOW?!

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