China Is Less Excited About Finn In ‘Star Wars’ Than We Are [POSTERS]

Star Wars China Poster

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming up fast, and we recently noted that the trailers are making it apparent that John Boyega looks set to be the star of this film as Finn. We also noted how that’s fine with us, since we’ve been Boyega fans since Attack the Block back in 2011.

But we can’t help but notice that the Star Wars fans in China aren’t being sold the same Force Awakens that we’re enjoying here in the States. Check out this weirdness, first with a look at the American poster that we’ve all seen at the multiplex. Yeah, there’s Finn looking very prominent on the right…

Star Wars China Poster iii

But now here’s the Chinese version—and you might find it a little more difficult to find a trace of Finn…

Star Wars China Poster ii

Yeah, that might be a racial thing. Take a look at the usual roster of Hollywood productions that Chinese authorities approve for import. You won’t find many black leads. (Here’s a list from last year.) We always heard that the NBA is a really big deal in China, but it seems black actors aren’t getting as much love. We don’t really know what this all means, but something ain’t right when BB-8 gets bigger billing than John Boyega.

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