LISTEN: Notorious BIG x Star Wars Mashup, “Life After Death Star”

Life After Death Star Mashup Album

Life After Death Star by the Otaku Gang is a Notorious BIG and Star Wars mashup album hotter than the Tatooine desert in summertime. It perfectly meshes the lyrics of Biggie and some hip hop-ified Star Wars tunes.

The Otaku Gang, as we learned from their Soundcloud page, is a duo of producers comprised of Solar Slim (@SolarSlim) and Richie Branson (@RichieBranson). We’ve never heard of them before but that might be because their day job is to work as indie game developers. That being said, at least one of them does have experience producing music. Solar Slim produced “Homegurl (He Gotta)” for rapper Bone.

We were particularly impressed with “Party N Bullsh*t” “Victory” “Ten Crack Commandments” and “G’s Perspective” but the truth is that they’re all great.

Personally, I never really thought that DJ Dangermouse’s The Grey Album was all that, but Life After Death Star is not that. This mashup has the added bonus of listeners not really expecting much and then being pleasantly surprised. I mean, it’s Biggie and Star Wars. That’s just fun.

Life After Death Star doesn’t just pull tracks from Life After Death, rather some of the Notorious BIG’s biggest hits. We know that Biggie must have been a big Star Wars guy because of the line “Hit em with the force like Obi” from Hypnotize, and we’re pretty sure he would have gotten a kick out of this.

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