Hot Russian DJ Fired From Her Government Job For Being Too Hot, We Feel Her Pain

You know what sucks? Being fired for being too hot. UGH, it’s like SO frustrating, brah.

But nothing beats Eleonora Verbitskaya’s story, who was fired from her Russia government job after officials found she was a super hot DJ on the side. How can anyone stand for such a disservice?!
Here’s a quick taste of what they found:

The Daily Mail revealed the details:

Eleonora Verbitskaya worked as a bureaucrat at the Administrative Infringements Enforcement Office where bosses took a dim view of a photoshoot she recently completed.
In footage shot outside her daily working hours, Eleonora is videoed during one of her DJ sessions in a barely-there outfit that leaves little to the imagination.
Eleonora, who goes by the stage name DJ Ellis Sexton, had been employed in a junior position at the office in St Petersburg, in north-western Russia, where she said her employers had told her they were happy with her work and that she was also already in line for a promotion at the bureau.
But she turned up for work one day to find a note saying she was fired, which she said came out of the blue and was completely contradictory to the earlier promises of professional advancement.
And when she enquired as to why, she found the note had been passed on to her after her bosses found provocative pictures of her on the Internet taken to promote her DJ career.
Her lawyer Maxim Youshin said she was illegally dismissed for being ‘too sexy.’

Wow, that’s not cool Russia. Good thing we don’t work there! Because we would def be fired! Ha! Amirite?! HA!
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