More Bad Things Come to James Deen After Industry Members Cut Ties With Him

It’s bee a rough few days for adult film star James Deen.

First, there was Stoya – his ex-girlfriend and previous industry colleague – accusing him of raping her. She divulged details on her Twitter account for everyone to see.

Then there was everyone backing her up and coming out with their own stories, which made matters ten times worse.

And now there’s Evil Angel’s founder John Stagliano stating that the prominent adult film company has cut ties with the perfumer.

In light of the recent accusations against James Deen, Evil Angel today has decided not to sell any newly created scenes featuring Deen. While our company presents what is consensual and exploratory about aggressive and rough sex, these accusations are of a nature so contrary to our company values that we feel it necessary to suspend the sales until more information is available.

Former collaborator Tasha Reign also confirmed her decision to recast Deen’s roles in future films.

I’ve done tons of scenes with him, I’ve hung out with him, and I really like him… but I am a feminist before I am a model or pornographer. When a women says that’s happened to her, that’s something we have to take seriously. In my heart I wanted so badly for it to not be real but there are so many accounts.

Starlet Joanna Angel, who came out and supported Stoya on Twitter, is expected to release a story on her own experiences with the defamed performer. She dated Deen for six years, and is scheduled to open up about it on SiriusXM’s The Jason Ellis Show.

Now a fourth accuser has come forward. Wishing only to be referred to as “T.M.,” the former co-star alleged that she was yet another victim of his heinous crimes.

“I’d been drinking with my coworkers and friends, and I wandered up to a party in a suite not really knowing what it was. As soon as I walked [into the party], Deen saw me. He didn’t say anything. He grabbed me in front of the entire party and took me into a side room. I definitely said no, but I was also super scared. There was a crowd of his friends and fans [in the room]. He forced me to [perform oral sex on him] and had sex with me. As soon as he was done, he walked away. I was kind of in shock and I was embarrassed, so I just left, and I didn’t tell anyone. And I didn’t tell the people around me who had seen it that I didn’t want it, because here’s this person who’s important in the industry who’s dating my friend and is involved business-wise with people I worked with. I didn’t want it to affect my career or my friends’ careers. At the time, I also blamed myself. It felt like a weird gray area. And I don’t think anyone there knew that what he was doing wasn’t consensual.”

She says she stayed quiet about it out of fear for losing her job.

“I warned people that I knew about him, and if I ever saw a friend or acquaintance make some sort of ‘James Deen is so dreamy’ post, I would have a private conversation with them about what really happened. But I wasn’t ready to do that publicly, because he was still an important figure in the industry and again, I didn’t want to affect my or my friends’ careers by bringing it to light. He had the audacity once to ask me why I didn’t like him,” she said.

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