Yolanda Cardona: Hottest Photos of Victor Valdes’ Wife

If there’s one thing you should know about Manchester United’s goalkeeper Victor Valdes, it is this: he is one lucky man.

The star soccer player is married to and has two little boys with Colombian supermodel Yolanda Cardona, and to say she is gorgeous is an understatement. With long blonde hair, insanely hot legs (a hot everything, really) and an Instagram full of sexy selfies, how could anyone resist her?

Growing up in a small Colombian coffee town of Victoria in the region of Caldas, Cardona moved to Barcelona in 2000 to pursue her epic modeling career. To be frank, she’s killing it.

While the blonde bombshell is currently making headlines for putting Manchester United on blast after a UNICEF dinner snub, we love her anyway. In case you missed it – and are fluent in Spanish – here was the Instagram call-out:

Yolanda Cardona Instagram

According to Bleacher Report, it reads: “To not invite my husband @vicvaldes1 to be part of the #united4unicef, it’s the last thing you expect from one of the biggest clubs like @manchesterunited,” she stated in an accompanying caption, per Samuel Luckhurst of the Manchester Evening News. “A Charity event, it’s always a Charity event.”

We love a woman who can stick it where it hurts! Check out her hottest photos below.

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