Alison Brie: Top 5 Hottest and Sexiest Videos

Once upon a time a gorgeous brunette princess of a babe made her way to Hollywood’s door steps and landed herself a role in the 2007 horror flick Born. That gorgeous brunette princess was of course none other than Alison Brie, and the rest is simply just history at this point!

Known for her funny girl sense of humor and her incredibly hot everything else in between, Alison Brie has quickly made a name for herself as one of the hottest actresses around! Widely known for her role on the hit TV series community, we’ve also got to see Alison Brie’s hotness in action on the big screen in films like¬†Sleeping with Other People and Get Hard.
Hot, funny, and sexy as can be; Alison Brie truly may be everyone’s dream girl. So go ahead and get a glimpse of this gorgeous woman for yourself by checking out her hottest and sexiest videos below!
1. Allison Brie as a Hot Pin-up Model

2. Alison Brie’s Lingerie Scene in The Movie Get Hard

3. Alison Brie’s Mens Health Hotness

4. Alison Brie Looking Mighty Fine For GQ

5. Alison Brie As One Sexy Santa

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