SNL Highlight: ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Auditions [VIDEO]

Saturday Night Live SNL Star Wars Auditions Video

Saturday Night Live had Matthew McConaughey hosting last night, and he was pretty cool. The monologue was painful, but McConaughey was game to do all kinds of fun things. Sadly, he sat out the cheap-but-instant highlight (and free ad space) of J.J. Abrams introducing the Star Wars: The Force Awakens screen tests.

SNL is mostly a showcase for celebrity impersonations nowadays, so the audition schtick is always useful. Also, the clapboard announces who the performer is impersonating. That’s helpful, given the quality of some of the impersonations.

And there were, of course, a few real celebs stepping in front of the camera—including Force cast members, and Emma Stone making a self-deprecating joke that referred to a forgotten scandal about a forgotten movie. That’s kind of weird, but it’s still a highlight…

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