CJ Franco: Top 5 Hottest and Sexiest Videos On The Web

When you make a name for yourself as Kate Beckinsale’s director husbands secret boo thang, you’re bound to attract a little bit of attention. But when you’re as hot as CJ Franco, that just goes without question. Sure, this aspiring actress and model might be a little bit scandalous, but she sure is sexy, isn’t she?
Widely known for a bit of hollywood gossip-worthy activity surrounding a possible secret love affair with director Len Wiseman, CJ Franco might not be the nicest girl on the block, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t thoroughly enjoy her hotness. Plus, she really does appear to be a pretty nice girl beyond all of those adultery rumors.
Said to be an aspiring actress, comedian, and model, CJ moonlights as a hair stylist when she’s not out flaunting her goods in front of the camera. But, goods are goods and this chick sure does have enough of them to go around. So go ahead and get yourself a glimpse of what CJ Franco is working with by checking out her top five hottest and sexiest videos below.

CJ Franco Doing Some Super Hot Modeling Stuff

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CJ Franco’s Incredibly Hot Hair Flip Action

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CJ Franco Making Kermit The Frog Look Way Too Hot to Be Real

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CJ Franco in a Tiny Bikini… Climbing a Fence?

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CJ Franco Getting All Hot & Seductive On The Beach

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