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Michigan State University Expected to be Sued By Four Sexual Assault Victims Today

Michigan State Sexual Assault

Photo via MSU Today

Michigan State University is expected to get slapped with a sexual assault case from four former students, two of which are expected to discuss details on the attacks sometime this morning.

The suit is said to be filed against MSU, the school’s president, and the vice president of student affairs. The lawsuit claims that the university did not do enough to protect victims of sexual assault or thoroughly investigate their claims. According to Buzzfeed News, “the school’s investigations dragged on for so long that they violated the federal gender equality law known as Title IX.”

Two of the women said the university didn’t complete its investigation into their reported sexual assaults for months after those deadlines. The other two said the investigations took more than a year. The duration lead to devastating effects, the women said, such as failing grades and the fear of running into their alleged assailants on campus. One of the women eventually moved out of the campus dorms and back home. Another withdrew from the school.

One of the attacked is also accused of assaulting one of the women while under investigation for a previous attack against another woman. He was eventually exonerated. Another suspect transferred schools before the investigation was complete, while the last was found not guilty by the school.

So far two of the students’ names have been revealed – Shayna Gross and Emily Kollaritsch. Both are listed as plaintiffs on the case and are expected to attend a press conference later today.

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