Kelly Hughes: 22 Hottest Photos of the Cellino and Barnes Actress

We’ve all been asking ourselves “Who is the girl in the Cellino and Barnes commercial” that plays endlessly over late night and daytime TV? The answer is Miami model Kelly Hughes. Gorgeous, blonde, and absolutely irresistible; Cellino and Barnes commercial spokeswoman Kelly Hughes is a true attention grabber! It really doesn’t hurt that she’s not only an actress but also one incredible bikini model just to top it all off

When you’ve got a flawless body and the face of an angel, becoming a model is kind of a no brainer. However, that doesn’t mean that Kelly Hughes hasn’t had to put in the work! Widely known for being an actress and spokeswoman for the notable personal injury law firm Cellino and Barnes, Kelly’s hotness alone truly is an attention grabber. Just an FYI, Kelly is a model not a lawyer; don’t get yourself into an accident in hopes that this gorgeous knock-out will be the one to cover your case!

Did we mention she looks fantastic in a bikini as well? Cellino and Barnes actress Kelly Hughes really is one heck of a babe.

Go ahead and get a glimpse of this beautiful woman for yourself by checking out her hottest photos on the internet in the gallery below!

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