Veterans Day 2015: Best Videos of Soldiers Coming Home

If I ever need a good cry, “Soldiers Returning Home” videos are my go to. A lot of us say we appreciate and support our armed services, yet none of us (except for those with military family) understand the true depth of sacrifice these brave individuals experience. However, the pure emotion in these videos give us civilians a slight idea of how emotionally taxing having a loved one in the military is.

Whether it be a man coming home to his wife and kids, a woman coming home to her boyfriend, or a 20 something coming home to their pet dog, these videos pack a serious emotional punch.

So grab some tissues and an American flag, cause these videos are going to have you feel some type of way. If you’re not a slobbering mess after reading this article, you have no soul and I don’t trust you.

If you can’t get enough of these videos, check out this blog strictly dedicated to videos of soldiers returning home, or this Youtube page. They’re amazing.

FSU Pike Returns Home to Girlfriend

The most COED (literally) of these videos, this clip reminds you that soldiers come in all shapes and sizes, even a frat boy at one of the frattiest schools in the nation. Bonus points for his girlfriend being a bonafide dime. Good for you bro.

Dogs Greeting Their Owners

Dogs are just the best. Find me a cat that acts this way, and I’ll tell you that cat is faking it to gain your trust so it can kill you in your sleep. Seeing these dogs loose their minds prove that they really are man’s best friend.

Kids Returning Home to their Parents

When people think of soldier’s coming home, I imagine they picture a mother or father coming home to their families. However, the inverse of that is just as beautiful, as seeing these parents hold their children again is as touching as it gets.

ESPN “Going Home” Feature

So. Many. Feels. Courtesy of ESPN, this is most likely the greatest “Soldiers Coming Home” compilation video ever made.

Bro Comes Home to His Girlfriend

These two look pretty damn young, which makes it all the more touching. Seeing this young bro return to unconditional love from a total babe is everything that is great about America.

So thank you for everything, Veterans and current soldiers. We love you, and honestly can never thank you enough. Happy Veterans Day.


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