Crazy Person Spends $200K to Look Like Jessica Rabbit

In the land of weird plastic surgery news, this transgender woman spent $200,000 to look just like Jessica Rabbit. Never mind the fact that Jessica Rabbit is a f*king cartoon and she spent a small fortune on trying to emulate someone who isn’t real.


Cassandra is the latest client to walk into the Botched surgical exam room requesting that the reality TV doctors fix her nose because she’s having trouble breathing out of it. Presumably because she f*cked it up so many times with surgeries. After the doctors explained that they’d have to make it larger in order to solve the problem, Cassandra retracted her request, because a bigger nose just isn’t Jessica Rabbit. Smart woman!

The San Francisco resident explained that she idolized the cartoon vixen growing up and lovingly refers to herself as a “cosmetic concoction.” Along with her new nose, Cassandra was looking for doctors to remove her ribs in order to get that unrealistic shape of Jessica Rabbit’s hips.

During her consultation, Cassandra revealed that she’s gotten her breasts, hips, butt, brow, lips and cheeks done, and that the only thing she hasn’t mutilated with surgical tools is her heart.

Umm…. ok. Check out her interesting photos below and let this be a warning to you all! Never try to look like a cartoon, you’ll end up broke and looking terrifying!

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