Ithaca Protest: Must See Photos & Video of POCatIC Walkout

Ithaca College Protest Photos (2)

Ithaca College students and faculty operating under the name People of Color at Ithaca College (POCatIC) staged a massive walkout on Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 PM EST. The group all met at “Freedom Rock”

The walkout was in support of a movement to force President Tom Rochon to resign from his role at the school.

Chants of “No Rochon No Confidence” could be heard all over campus today. President Rochon was seen at the protest but didn’t say¬†anything.

We’ve pulled a collection of videos and photos from the¬†protest, which we’ve embedded for you below. It’s certainly an interesting time to be a student in college right now.


— ovaltine jenkins (@cosmolatte) November 11, 2015

Happening NOW on the Ithaca College campus #POCatIC

— Ann-Marie Adams (@SCMornings) November 11, 2015

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