Indiana Hoosiers Crimson Cheerleaders: Hottest Photos of the Squad

Indiana Hoosiers Cheerleaders-29

When it comes to the Indiana Hoosiers one thing is for certain; football is obviously not the only sport that this college takes seriously! If you’ve yet to witness their cheer squad in action, then you truly are missing out; this squad truly is one for the record books.

Although the ladies on this team are definitely a sight for sore eyes, the Indiana Hoosiers amp up their pep with both male and female members. With tons of crazy spirited tricks and a website jam packed with live news feeds along with plenty of video footage, it’s pretty safe to say that the Indiana Hoosiers cheerleaders are by no means average.

Incredibly skilled with a pep like no other, this elite college cheer team is simply one of the hottest squads around!

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