Hunter Park: Photos of Missouri Yik Yak Threat Suspect

Hunter M. Park has been identified as the man who was arrested for last night’s University of Missouri death threats made over Yik Yak. According to the media release, Hunter is not a University of Missouri-Columbia student and was arrested in Rolla, MS. That’s two hours away from Columbia, MS.

We’ve also learned Hunter he has a GitHub page linked to a Missouri State email address and that the page claims he’s a CS Math major.

Considering his knowledge of computers and technology, the fact that he didn’t know he’d be arrested for posting that threat is absurd but might explain how he was able to write on Mizzou’s Yik Yak wall. He might have used a VPN to confuse the app and make it look like he was in Columbia and just forgot to cover his tracks well enough.


The information comes from a media release made by MUPD this morning:

At approximately 1:50 AM, Wed, Nov. 11, the University of Missouri Police Department arrested Hunter M Park for making a terrorist thraet (Revised Missouri Statue 574.115). The threat on Yik Yak was reported on Nov. 10 to MUPD by numerous people.

Park was contacted in Rolla, MO. by the University of Missouri Police and transported to the University of Missouri Police Department in Columbia where he was arrested and processed. Additional information cannot be released due to the investigative nature of the report.

Bail has been set at $4,500.

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