Insane Infographic Shows How Much of U.S. Drug Market Is Controlled By El Chapo, And It’s A Lot

Like, a lot , a lot.

Joaquin Guzman Loera, “El Chapo”, has been called the “greatest criminal drug threat to the U.S.”. And he has had one hell of a year. He escaped from prison, threatened Donald Trump‘s life, and, well, basically controls all of America’s drug market. Including Alaska and Hawaii. No big deal.

“The Sinaloa Cartel maintains the most significant presence in the U.S. “‘El Chapo’ Guzmán is the world’s #1 drug criminal,” DEA spokesperson Rusty Payne said. “El Chapo has facilitated a lot of American deaths through the violence of people that work for him.”

Using a map provided by Forbes, you can see that basically the entire country is getting their fix in on El Chapo’s stash. See all that yellow? Yup, that’s El Chapo. And we’re not just talking bud here: we’re talking about a cornucopia (I’ve been waiting so long to use this word in an article) of drugs.  We’re talking about weed, cocaine, heroine, and meth. Not Walter White’s blue stuff, but meth none the less.


This has got to be really eye opening for some people, myself included. You hear “El Chapo” and “drug lord” all the time, but don’t really put much thought into. But then, when you see that he literally fuels the entire U.S. drug market, as well as the fact that he is worth an astounding $1 billion, you begin to understand why he’s such a threat.

But hey, if he ain’t doing it, someone else will.

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