Donald Trump and John Kasich Hammer Each Other on Records

Kasich v. Trump Battle

There is legitimate animosity between Donald Trump and John Kasich. It’s ironic because the two have virtually nothing in common, and Kasich is anything but a threat to Trump in the polls. They are two candidates on literally, opposite ends of the spectrum. Yet, tonight was a prime example of how Trump can quickly lash out any candidate — man, woman, or a seemingly nice guy, like Kasich.

“You should let Jeb speak,” Trump said, interrupting Kasich as he tried to intervene in the conversation that was taking place. We all know that Trump doesn’t want Bush to speak any more than anyone else, but it definitely shows off that level of disdain he clearly has for Kasich. He followed that up with “I don’t have to listen to this man,” when Kasich defended himself on his record in Ohio.

It might be cool to talk about Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio going at it — and it might be interesting to pick a fight between Ben Carson and Donald Trump — but there is clearly something brewing here. If Kasich hangs on in this race moving forward — you can bet it won’t be the last time we see it.

Marco Rubio and Rand Paul took their frustrations out over what being “conservative” is all about, and it looked like Rubio won the exchange. Interestingly, it seems like Paul just struggles to connect with the rest of the party on certain issues, while he’s working to push the libertarian movement in addition to the conservative movement. Military spending is a tipping point here, and something that we’re going to see a lot about as well going forward.

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