Republican Debate Wi-Fi Password: StopHillary

The Republican debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is off to an interesting start. Benny Johnson of the Independent Journal in Virginia shared a unique, or perhaps, not-so-shocking Wi-Fi password, which the RNC was obviously behind for reporters looking to connect inside the Milwaukee Theatre:

Brilliant troll from the @GOP for the debate: Making every reporter type "StopHillary" for their WiFi

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) November 10, 2015

This probably is not what you expected out of the IT coordinators working for the RNC in Milwaukee tonight.

It took all of 31 minutes for one of the candidates to take a shot at Hillary Clinton. Ben Carson did so, as he brought up the inconsistencies found in his book, which called into question whether he was actually offered a scholarship to West Point.  His shot at her was brief, and thus far Carson and Trump has remained relatively quiet. That being said, no one would expect that to be the only, or last shot at the Democratic front-runner on the night.

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