WATCH: Mizzou #ConcernedStudent1950 Protest Kicks Photographer Out Of Protest

Mizzou Journalist Mobbed

The University of Missouri activist group #ConcernedStudent1950 had a big victory yesterday when Mizzou President Tim Wolfe stepped down from office.

But apparently the students camped out on the quad didn’t want the media covering their movement because they physically assaulted and harassed a Mizzou journalism student who was trying to document the day. They’re literally pushing him off a public space they already have a section reserved for, and when the camera pans around you see there’s at least ten feet on either side of these protestors for him to walk around. But they’re not having that.

Check out a video that will get needlessly angry below:

I’ll be honest with you, I grew to hate most of the people in this video for different reasons at different times but there were a few protestors who actually seem to know what they’re doing. Like that guy at the end who comes through and asks one aggressive man to “not change the story.”

But the rest of them seem like they’re just trying to fight anyone and everyone.

Probably my favorite moment came when the white chick with the pearl necklace came into the frame, and the asian journalist is just like “are you with the Office of Greek Life?” And she says no. Of course she’s with the Office of Greek Life! She’s blonde, wearing pearl necklace, designer sunglasses, and a Mizzou vest.

Another highlight was the group of white girls smiling at each other and texting, because if there’s one thing that shows the severity of a racially-tense situation its smiling.

The final highlight was that woman at the end, Professor Melissa Click, who wanted some “muscle” to forcibly remove the journalist from the camp.

But seriously, why aren’t they interested in having journalists cover their story? Is it out of fear that conservative news will try and spin the story? Newsflash, they’re going to do it anyway! Why would you give them cannon fodder like this!!!!

Here’s the “no media” sign they were talking about. No word on if it has any authority or power.

#Mizzou #concernedstudent1950

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Update: The student protestors have since changed their stance on the media and have removed all the signs asking for the media to keep away.

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