Hangover Cures: Top 10 Best Hangover Cures You Need to Know

If you’ve attended at least one party in college, then you’ve probably felt the aftereffects of drinking all night long. It’s a nightmare – that throbbing headache, the feeling like you’re going to puke up your liver, and of course, the amazing ability to hear everything at 10 times the normal volume. Hangovers are the ultimate buzzkill, and luckily, humans have been drinking for long enough that there are plenty of remedies out there.

We’ve heard just about every single hangover cure out there. We’v e heard people using exercise, spicy food, greasy food, and bacon as hangover cures. We’ve also heard of people who just never get hungover – ever. If you do get a hangover, we’ve got a guide for you. Here’s a collection of the most common hangover cures in the world, as well as some that party hardy folks swear by.

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