California Golden Bears Cheerleaders: Hottest Photos of the Squad

As if the fact that their hot as hell isn’t enough, the California Golden Bears not only have one heck of a cheer squad but also bring one incredibly talented dance team, a full fledged band, and a cute little mascot right along with them. With big glowing smiles and tons of fun-lovin’ energy, these ladies are simply sports lovin’ enthusiasm at it’s finest.

Not only consisting of highly spirited male members, this squad also has a few shining male faces to add to the mix. Diverse, enthusiastic, and always down to sprinkle a little bit of enthusiastic team love, you can see this squad on the side lines of virtually every sports event that the University of California has to offer.

Although on the smaller side compared to some college cheer teams, the Cal Golden Bears Cheerleaders may be little, but they definitely are just about as mighty as they come!

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