Boston University Terriers Cheerleaders: Hottest Photos of the Squad

Embodying both class and sass, the Boston University Cheerleaders are one hot group of East Coast team lovin’ bombshells, who make it easy to say that they are by far one of the hottest cheer squads around! Diverse, fun, and full of enthusiasm; the Boston University Cheerleaders are just too hot to resist!

Not only are the BU Cheerleaders hot as can be, they also just so happen to be incredibly talented. Whether they are cheering on their team at BU basketball games, or showing off their cheer skills while competing at local and national competitions, the Boston University Cheerleaders are always sure to pack a punch of enthusiastic pep.

Consisting of both male and female cheerleaders and always bringing their fun lovin’ fuzzy Boston terrier mascot along for the ride, the Boston University Cheerleaders are easily one of the hottest college cheer squads to ever exist!

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