Drunk Baylor Student Tells Hilarious Story About Living Legend That Is Shawn Oakman

There are few college football players today who are as intimidating as the Baylor Bears‘ defensive end Shawn Oakman, who became a meme last year after a frighteningly large photo of him started going viral.

My point is that this extremely large individual is instantly recognizable on Baylor’s campus in Waco, Texas and is well liked, in addition to being feared. I mean, you’ve got kids dressing up as Shawn for Halloween.

But one Baylor University student thought it would be a good idea to go up to Shawn and talk to him like an old friend. This is the story he told on Reddit:

Last weekend (Halloween) I went out with some friends/brothers to obviously go have a good time. That being said, everyone was wearing a costume since it was the 31st. I naturally put off looking for a costume due to being broke as shit and just busy with other things. So I trust my good friend google and pirate the idea of wearing a T-Shirt that says “LIFE” and strap a bag of lemons to my pants (when life gives you lemons…).
I head over to the pre-gaming zone (at a football player’s house) and we all start having a good time. I’m getting compliments on my costume and assure them I just stole it anyway. By the time we head to our first bar, Scruffy Murphy’s (a Waco classic), I’m pretty toasty and having a good time with a lot of people. The bar has really gotten packed, and the football player I went there with then tells me, “Hey dude, look behind you.”
And it’s Shawn Oakman.
Now I’ve seen him on campus a few times (and let me assure you he’s an absolute monster up close), but obviously due to my BAC tonight I was extra surprised. My friend then dares me to go give him a lemon and without hesitating I walk up to him.
“Shawn,” I said, “I’m life, and I wanted to you take this lemon. Will you make lemonaide?”
He’s just quiet, leaning against the wall. Then he starts nodding and takes the lemon.
Naturally I get drunk-person excited to this, which as most of us know is to a much higher degree than sober-person excited. I then fist-bump him and move over back to my friends, who are cracking up.
This is the best part though. I’m in there for an hour, and I see Shawn Oakman again, still leaning against the same wall, STILL holding that lemon.
I go up to him again and say, “Hey man, if you don’t want to hold on to that lemon anymore I can take it back.”
“Nah man,” he said, “I want it.”
That was basically the most bad-ass response he possibly could have given, and it totally made my night. So I just wanted to share that with y’all.

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