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WATCH: Dude Gets Knocked Out On Halloween Over Confederate Flag


Confederate Flag Decal Fight Video

Here’s the first fight video from Halloween that we’ve seen that’s good enough to publish. Surprisingly enough, it comes from Salt Lake City and there’s not a Mormon to be found.

First things first, maybe don’t stand around a dark parking lot occupied by a couple of angry young black men on Halloween night if you’ve got a Confederate flag sticker on your pickup truck.

Of course, you could also just remove the Confederate flag sticker from your pickup truck and probably avoid this situation altogether, but if you’re going to stick to your guns, make one good decision and don’t hang out in that parking lot. And definitely don’t get separated from your friend. Gotta handle this one back-to-back.

OR BETTER YET, just tell these guys that you’re being a racist idiot for Halloween and ask them about how great your costume is? I’m sure that guy in the Scream mask who’s dressed up as a murderous crazy person will love to hear that joke.

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