USC Cancels August 2016 Commencement & Students Are PISSED

The University of South Carolina has officially cancelled the August 2016 commencement ceremony in order to experiment with a new graduation schedule that would only include May and December ceremonies. The abrupt change will force students expecting to graduate this summer to wait until December to cordially receive their diplomas.

The official announcement was quietly made a few days ago, and students have a lot to say about it.

In a piece written by USC student writer Caitlin Marbaugh, the issue with the change is quite clear:

The school states that eliminating the August commencement will encourage students to graduate in four years, “rather than assuming the additional cost of an extra summer term.” This, however, insinuates that all students are capable of graduating on a 4-year track.

Katie Ricks, a senior sports entertainment management major, was told at her freshman orientation that she was entering a four and a half year program. Because of this, Ricks planned on graduating in August of 2016 since entering in Fall of 2012.

“I’ve worked for four years to walk across the stage when my time comes, and now they’re not giving me that opportunity,” Ricks said. “Now I have to wait four months to walk. What if I have a job that won’t let me take that leave? What if my entry-level position doesn’t pay enough for me to travel back?”

 According the the university – presumably – you’re just shit out of luck, which is pretty f*cked up, if you ask us.

Marbaugh elaborates, “Currently, the December commencement ceremony is set for the 12th. In an updated version of the university’s announcement, it stated that students will still receive their diplomas in early fall if they meet their graduation requirements during the summer term.”

USC – you’re gonna have to do better than that.

[H/T: The Odyssey]

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