National Sandwich Day 2015: Best Memes, Funny Photos & Images

National Sandwich Day, a holiday that celebrates Earl John Montagu aka the creator of the Sandwich, is really already celebrated everyday here in the US. That’s because sandwiches are pretty much the most American food ever, even if they were invented by a Englishman.
A couple of fast food restaurants are getting in on the Sandwich Day action. Arby’s is offering classic roast beef sandwiches for .99 cents but they’re only allowing a maximum of 20 per customer. Sorry guys.
Subway’s also joining the fun. Buy any Subway sub and a 30 ounce drink and you’ll get one sub to give away to a friend, or a stranger who will then immediately become your friend.
If you’re looking to get in on the Sandwich Day action, feel free to indulge in our collection of the best Sandwich Day memes below.

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