Ryan Reynolds Went Out As Deadpool This Halloween [TWITPIC]

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Halloween X-Men

Ryan Reynolds went out for Halloween in full Deadpool regalia–and brought along some kiddie X-Men with him. Then he posted it via his Twitter account because Ryan is really into this Deadpool thing, as we learned this past Mother’s Day.

Ryan got in a pretty good gag, too: “Dear Fox, stop changing the timelines. It’s confusing the audience.” Fans will also be touched to see new dad Ryan out with kids so soon after the death of his own dad. Too bad these kids won’t actually get to see Deadpool the movie in theaters. It’s the first R-rated superhero film of the decade. That’s too bad. We saw two Deadpools out last night, and they couldn’t have been older than 12. Those kids will have to grow up fast.

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