Heidi Klum Was Jessica Rabbit For Her Halloween Party Last Night [PHOTOS]


Heidi Klum Jessica Rabbit Halloween Party

Heidi Klum was Jessica Rabbit at her annual Halloween party last night. That was a surprise. She teased some photos earlier of her working with make up artists for her annual big-deal costume. Judging from those pics, we were expecting an alien. (photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty)

Instead, we got a reminder that a real-life Jessica Rabbit can look pretty scary. Heidi Klum obviously put in a lot of work for this Jessica Rabbit get-up, but we would’ve been a lot happier if she’d skipped the prosthetics and worked with her natural breasts. Heidi Klum’s natural breasts are just fine. We’ve seen natural breasts work in Jessica Rabbit costumes before, too…

But this is what we got from the former Victoria’s Secret model instead, and we can’t complain. There have to be a few hardcore Jessica Rabbit fetishists who are very happy this morning. Still, we’re going to spend this Day of the Dead looking back at some of Heidi’s other costumes. Some of them are just as weird, but a few others will get us remembering why we can’t wait to see what she’s wearing every Halloween…

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