Devilish Derek Jeter Made Hannah Davis Late For Halloween [PHOTOS]

Hannah Davis Derek Jeter Halloween 1

Hannah Davis and Derek Jeter are reportedly engaged–but some┬ábigger news came via Hannah’s Instagram account on Halloween. We’re not really talking about the shot above, which shows off that Hannah can manage to get Derek Jeter dolled up as a devil. We’d get dolled up for whatever costume Hannah chose if she was our Halloween date.

And that’s Jeter, right? We’re pretty sure–although we keep hoping that the hard-dating duo is just kidding about all that talk where Hannah is officially engaged to the notorious womanizer.

But the bigger story is the other pic that Hannah posted–which reveals that Hannah and her potential hubby are already like an old married couple. Check out the caption that Hannah added to the shot below: “When it’s Halloween and you’re ready to go out..but Michigan is on.”

Yeah, that’s a touching domestic moment. Or maybe it’s a sign that we still have a shot here if Derek’s going to keep ignoring Hannah so that he can watch some kind of silly sport that’s never even made him filthy rich. We were going to add that Hannah was dressed as an angel last night, but it’s not like that took any real effort. At least she looked a lot less bizarre than Heidi Klum

Hannah Davis Derek Jeter Halloween 2

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