Amy Schumer: Hottest Photos On The Internet

It’s tough to even call Amy Schumer an up-and-coming comedy sensation; this woman has already taken the world by storm! With a dash of hilarious humor and a pinch of sheer and total sexiness, Amy Schumer truly is one hell of a babe.

Born and raised in NYC, it doesn’t come as too big of a surprise that Amy has the kind of crude, loud, inappropriate humor we just can’t help but appreciate in a woman. But to top off all of that funny girl swagger, she also packs a punch of uber hotness.

Between the hilarious skits on her hit TV show Inside Amy Schumer, to on-screen performances in films like Trainwreck, the fact that Amy can also pull off making Star Wars look far too hot for real life truly is just plain magical.

So here’s to Amy Schumer; may her hot, offensive, hilarious self keep on cracking us all up for many years to come!

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