WWE Divas Hottest Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a time to dress up like a freak without judgment from onlookers, to turn virtually anything sexy – cat, cabbage patch doll, homeless person, food, etc. – and be able to get away with it, and party in a room full of hot girls that are totally cool with your last minute Halloween costume because it’s totally funny and kinda artsy.
AKA it’s the best holiday known to man.
But let’s get to the real reason why you love Halloween so much: the hot girls, as previously mentioned. The WWE Divas are hot in their own right, but when dressing up for Halloween, they go all out. Virtually no one on the planet is complaining about this – and if you are, please, get the f*ck off of our planet.
Check out their sexiest costumes from previous Halloweens and keep an eye out for them this year – they never seem to disappoint.

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