Astros Pitcher Dallas Keuchel Aims High and Inside In Call of Duty Black Ops III

New York Yankees v Houston Astros

Houston Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel is just like you. Well, sorta. The 27-year-old flamethrower, who racked up 20 wins and is the American League Cy Young Award frontrunner, definitely has more money, talent and charisma than almost anyone, he shares some of your hobbies.  He’s not above plopping down on the couch, throwing down for some Call of Duty multiplayer or getting pissed at his friends over digital headshots. [Lead image by Scott Halleran/Getty Images]

Wondering where my night went… Oh wait… I was playing call of duty. Sick!

— Dallas Keuchel (@kidkeuchy) July 22, 2013

Keuchel, one of several athletes Activision Blizzard has enlisted to promote Call of Duty: Black Ops III, took some time recently for a Q&A.

COED: What is your in-season gaming routine?

Dallas: The past several years, my in-season gaming routine has consisted of a lot of Call of Duty. The hardest thing is waking up early enough each morning because of the length of time I play at night after games. I will go to the field around noon or 1 p.m. each day and get back anywhere from 11 or midnight. After I get back home, it’s video gaming until bedtime. It’s hard winding down after the heat of competition, so Call of Duty allows me to get out the extra competitiveness in order to get a night’s sleep. Nighttime is the perfect time to get my Call of Duty fix in.

What other pro athletes have you gamed with?

One of the best things about being on a professional sports team is the fact that some guys who you never thought would play video games, actually do. In my six years with the Houston Astros, both major and minor league, I have played with numerous major leaguers. The list includes Jason Castro, Josh Fields, Chris Carter and Tony Sipp. We have played with other MLB players on a regular basis as well. As professional sports is a business, guys move around to different teams and thus recruit different guys to play with, so I’ve played with a lot of different athletes during the course of my Call of Duty playing days.

What’s the closest Call of Duty experience to getting a strikeout and also giving up a home run?

The closest experience on Call of Duty to striking someone out is definitely going on a massive kill streak. The all-time best kill streak was the infamous nuke back on Modern Warfare 2. There’s just something so rewarding about getting various kill streaks in Call of Duty that makes the game so fun.

On the contrary, there’s also a lot of scenarios that will make you feel like you just gave up a towering home run. The one that comes to mind the fastest is letting a noob kill you numerous times and then seeing his kill to death ratio after the game and it is sub .500. That is the worst.

What is your impression of Black Ops 3 so far and what will surprise people the most about the game?

My impression of the game when I played the beta version was a very good one. I felt like it was a new school approach, as the last couple games have been, but it was coupled with the old school feel. I wasn’t a big fan of the flying component in Advanced Warfare, so I was glad to play Black Ops III with only the option to hover around for a short period. One of the surprising things people will most enjoy is the fact that a lot of the maps have action in shorter areas. What I mean by that is you don’t have to run a marathon to go find one or two players from the other team in hopes of getting a few kills. A lot of players will be in areas where there will be a lot of action and that’s the most exciting. Always keeping that head on a swivel.

How does your competitive nature and strategic mind translate to Call of Duty?

There’s a lot of strategy involved in Call of Duty. I’m both a competitive and strategic person in general, so this game really hits the nail on the head for me. When playing with friends in a clan or solo, there are often times where, if you don’t have any strategy, you will not be very good at the game. The competitiveness part comes out as soon as I start the game because no one wants to be the guy who comes in last place in the after-game stats!

What other games are you playing right now?

Call of Duty is definitely number one, but a close second is FIFA. I thoroughly enjoy playing FIFA and it’s a good change of pace to Call of Duty. FIFA is another game a lot of my teammates and athletes play in general, so it’s always fun to compete and play against those guys. The thrill of playing someone online who you don’t know and have no clue about is the best. You basically have two halves to figure out the other person’s strategy and beat them. The competition in-game between Call of Duty and FIFA is very similar. It’s a very good reason why I love them both.

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