Miss COED 2016 Contestant Sues Former Escort Katina Powell For Devaluing Her Education

Miss COED 2016 contestant and current Miss Cardinal Country, Kyle Hornback – a sophomore at University of Louisville – is suing former escort Katina Powell and her book publisher stating that Powell’s new novel, Breaking Cardinal Rules, devalues her education.

According to an interview with Inside Edition, Powell goes into detail about how she was given $10,000 to organize 22 parties where she would “entertain” the university’s basketball players, high school recruits, and their fathers with her two daughters. “They came as a package,” Powell stated, referring to the players and their fathers. She also admitted that 90 percent of the time the “entertaining” didn’t stop at stripping – it included having sex with the guests.

“My mom came and asked me and I was like, OK, and we went in another room and we had sex,” Lindsay Powell, Katina Powell’s 24-year-old daughter, said. (I’m sorry, what?!)

This scandal comes as a total shock to fans since the Louisville Cardinals won the NCAA championship basketball game in 2013 and head coach, Rick Pitino, even met with President Obama as a result. Of course he denies knowing anything about these parties, though we have our doubts. Pitino has no plans on resigning at this time.

Hornback and her lawyer, Nader George Shunnarah are suing for damages including, but not limited to, “her degree, her ability to repay student loans and her ability to find employment after graduation.”

We will update this story as soon as more information becomes available. Hornback and her lawyer could not be reached for comment. 

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