The 5 Best Late Night Restaurants at Rutgers University

Rutgers was once known for it’s grease trucks, a conglomeration of fried food factories that neighbored College Avenue’s biggest bus stop. However, a couple years ago some jerk offs the decision makers at Rutgers decided to remove and disperse them around the 5 campuses in order to build new dorms.

It’s hard out here, I know. What came after was an undergraduate population that lost a consensus late night munchies destination. Luckily for all, I have decided to save all those lost souls, and point you in the perfect direction for all your drunken munching needs.

#1: Papa Grande Grille

Want some Chipotle style food? This Rutgers alumni owned joint has the best tacos, burritos, bowls, and quesadillas on campus. Craving some late night munchie food like bacon mac & cheese, nachos, or cheese balls? They got those too. Or maybe you’re a traditionalist, and just want a burger or a salad? Their quality of product is the best it gets in New Brunswick. Papa Grande Grille has it all, from breakfast burritos to chili to the legendary Rutgers fat sandwiches, which obviously are called fat burritos at PGG. Papa Grande Grille is far and away Rutgers’ best combination of quality, cost, and most of all, deliciousness. And of course, they’re open till 3 AM or later, which is crucial for this list.

#2: Hansel n’ Griddle

Hansel n’ Griddle is another restaurant that balances variety, price, and quality. While the menu has it’s Rutgers standards such as wings and cheese steaks, their menu has more high quality items such as paninis, soups, and salads. Where as Papa Grande is more of Chipotle meets Jersey Shore Boardwalk food, Hansel n’Griddle is more Panera meets college food. The most important items on my list of qualifiers is quality and price, and Hansel succeeds at exactly that.

#3: Wings Over Rutgers

This one is pretty simple, because Wings Over Rutgers has the best wings and chicken sandwiches, and that alone puts them in the top three. Wings Over knows when the money is made, because on most days they

#4: Diesel & Duke

Simiar to Wings Over, Diesel and Duke’s placement list is because they are the best at what they do, and that is burgers.  Fat, greasy, and exactly what you need at 2 AM, Double D’s is the newest restaurant on this list, but it is making a quick come up. And it’s got a great charm about it too; the restaurant is no bigger than your average bedroom, just enough space for one cook and one cashier. Oh, and there half of a car coming out of the top.

#5 PJ’s Pizza

We’re in New Jersey, so pizza must make an appearance on this list. Unfortunately, in comparison to the rest of New Jersey, New Brunswick pizza isn’t too good. It’s a real bummer to be honest. Growing u in North Jersey, I was spoiled with, as Jules so eloquently put in Pulp Fiction, “some gourmet sh*t”. However, in a land of average pizza, PJ’s stands above with the only good slice in town, espcecially late at night. The late night pizza shops that line Easton Avenue aren’t necessarily renowned for their, errrrrr, “high quality” but PJ’s is the lone exception delivering quality Italian when you need it most.

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