Sexy Supermodels in Halloween Costumes

If there’s one subgroup of humans who can make a Halloween costume look hot, it’s supermodels–whose job it is to make everything and anything look hot. Trash bags? No problem. Skin colored leggings on your head? Easy money. So of course a super model is going to blow away the Sexy Army Ranger costume your ex-girlfriend couldn’t even pull off.
On top of the good looks they have naturally, these super models also have some top-level makeup artists to help them for their parties.

Wait… was I really just explaining why supermodels like Kate Upton, Miranda Kerr, and Heidi Klum look sexy as hell during Halloween? OK, I’ll stop writing. Just enjoy these photos of chicks that are way to hot to be at the party you’re attending.

Emmy Rossum: Hottest Photos on the Internet
Emmy Rossum: Hottest Photos on the Internet
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