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President Obama’s Daughter is Just Like the Rest of Us, Gets Hammered on College Visits


Malia Obama Beer Pong
Whoever said presidential spawn has nothing in common with us little people definitely wasn’t on a college visit with Malia Obama.

President Barack Obama‘s oldest daughter was recently visiting Brown University when she was caught playing some good old fashioned beer pong on Snapchat.

Obama Daughter Beer Pong

SCANDALOUS, considering she’s 17-years-old, duh.

And like anyone whose ever been in the room with a pseudo-celebrity, bystanders immediately took to Twitter to make sure their fake friends from high school knew they were living it up with Malia while doing some shots with American royalty.

Obama Daughter Tweets
Malia Obama Tweets

Malia Obama
You’re right Isabella, you probably will never be this cool again… unless Malia chooses Brown and becomes your roommate? #Goals.

[H/T: The Daily Caller]

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