Alabama Football Memes 2016: Funny Photos & Best Images

There’s nothing in the world quite like being an University of Alabama football fan. Waking up every day and knowing that your football team is a perennial championship contender. Having the ability to yell “Roll Damn Tide” whenever the hell you feel like it. Listening to the other fans and students hate, hate, hate.
Of course, truthfully no one has ever accused an Alabama fan of being a gracious winner, but that’s part of the fun. Why win 14 championships if you can’t talk about it? And the fact that they’re one game away from 15 is only making them louder.
The likes of Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry and Coach Nick Saban are a good reason to be confident about the Crimson Tide’s chances tonight. Sprinkle in a little Lane Kiffin offensive magic and you’re sitting pretty.

Check out these hilarious Alabama Crimson Tide football memes we’ve collected.

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